Mr Blackman's

This is not a phase. It’s the revolution. Mr Blackman’s is on a mission to make hassle-free, earth-conscious products for men who want to look good. Born in the Caribbean. Made in Britain. This is No Fuss Grooming for the Urban Gent. For too long men with afro, curly, coarse, frizzy and mixed race hair have always had to rely on using products usually aimed at women, because no one made something the urban gent would like. No one thought he would like this or that, or needs this product. Too long he had to put up with the smell of passionfruit and frangipani! He always had to settle. Mr Blackman is changing that. All Beards Aren’t Equal and we did something about it. We don’t use or test on animals, we don’t use excess packaging and we ain’t about using nuff chemicals either. They bad for you and bad for the environment. So we refrain from mineral oils, sulphates and anything else you can do without.

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