NIXEY celebrates the Celtic psyche; a radical spirit which reinterprets the traditional and embraces the unexpected. With her own family history spanning England, Ireland and Scotland, Laura-Marie Nixey (Designer and Founder), has always been proud of the rich cultural tapestry of the British Isles. NIXEY’s 1834 collection pays homage to this by reinventing the Celtic sporran, a classic piece of national Scottish, Irish and British military dress. Created by expert sporran makers in the Scottish Highlands the collection takes local leather-making traditions which date back to 1834 and blends this with modern desires and functionality. This contemporary reinterpretation by NIXEY stays true to the original design essence, yet adds an element of surprise as each 1834 seamlessly transitions from a festival waist bag to a daytime cross-body bag, to an evening shoulder handbag. NIXEY is committed to creating the finest leather goods to champion the abundance of skill, quality and heritage of the British Isles.