At Qillqa we specialize in the design, manufacture and commercialization of unique natural woolen fabrics, designed for demanding interiors, hand-made by local Latin American communities with the most noble fibers and wools.
As it was centuries ago for kings, and still is today, materials, as genuine and delicate as those coming from vicuña or alpaca, have managed to unify, in the finest creations, luxury, warmth and design.
Our products, unique and exclusive, such as blankets, rugs, footboards or cushions, are handcrafted in the lands of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, within the framework of respect, sustainability and fair trade.
Qillqa, which in the Aymara language means " touched by the gods", undoubtedly represents a whole lifestyle, as conscious as it is demanding, designed to be part of the quality of life of the people, and transcend in the years, as in the next generations.

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