rå oils

rå [ raw ] : being in or nearly in the natural state : not processed : not diluted

rå oils was born from our own experiences. We are a mother-daughter company, founded in Iceland, with a vision to heal and improve skin naturally. We produce highly active natural vegan skincare products aimed and targeted skincare concerns such as acne, eczema and pollution.

Inspired by our beautiful country, we believe that nature is the most powerful force there is, in its purest most raw form. We believe all skin is beautiful, and just like in nature, perfection doesn't exist. Nor should it. It's beautiful in its own unique rawness. We want to feed the skin, give it the ingredients in needs to be the most beautiful and healthy version of itself.

rå oils was born back in 2013 when Frida (daughter) had finally had enough of searching for a solution to her acne, which had plagued her since her early teenage years. Over the years Frida had spent a fortune on both over-the-counter skin care products for acne, and on private dermatologists, as well as suffering two painful rounds of roaccutane drug treatments. Despite all of this, her acne never went away and the strong drug treatments left her face badly scarred.

It was then that Elin (mother), a beauty therapist and later an aroma therapist, decided to take matter into her own hands. Elin created our first ever product, our acne therapy oil, as an answer to Frida's acne and it is still today our most popular product. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our acne therapy oil help people around the world heal and clear up their acne naturally, just as it did for Frida.

We only make products we believe in, with the sole purpose of improving people's lives.

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