Ramm Footwear

London based Ramm footwear was launched in 2018 by Charley Ram and veteran shoe designer Kevin Martel (coincidentally an Aries...the other Ram) as a design studio focusing on direct to consumer footwear and accessories design.

The Ramm footwear philosophy emerged from the knowledge that guys who grew up wearing trainers will not tolerate uncomfortable dress shoes. After all - your feet are biomechanical marvels of genetic engineering and should be treated with respect. In today's street and sport saturated fashion culture - What is a dress shoe anyway?

Fed up with the tedious nature of the seasonal fashion system, Ramm footwear has set out to launch products only when they are ready and work directly with their customers to evolve the brand. Our mission is to create classic footwear for a modern world incorporating comfort and components more akin your favourite trainer than a traditional English dress shoe. A heavy leather sole is a 5000 year old idea...maybe even prehistoric. It survives out of a respect for tradition – not comfort.
We ask ourselves: Does comfortable have to mean ugly or uncool? Why is comfort such a nasty word in fashion?

Quality footwear also need not be overpriced. We are selling direct to our consumers online, via trunk shows and pop-up retail experiences in order to keep our shoes democratic and attainable - we call it PHYGITAL retail. This allows Ramm footwear to create a shoe of exceptional quality without unnecessary markups.

Designed now - buy now - wear now.

Available in London and online