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Richings Greetham

Richings Greetham was born out of our desire to feel passion and pride for the everyday objects that surround us. Instilled with our values of quality, function and longevity, each item in our range of leather travel accessories is designed to become part of our daily routines and takes on a unique individuality over years of ownership. We design and develop our products for simplicity and function, continually refining them until they meet our expectations and are a pleasure to own and use. Everything in our range follows the principles of good design elegantly outlined by Dieter Rams, in particular his ‘less and more’ ethos. We value design that is practical and aesthetic and believe that the objects we own should be carefully considered and selected for a purpose. In an era in which products are soon replaced, made redundant or forgotten, we seek to make items that remain fundamentally relevant and develop character over time.
Independent Brand

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the Richings Greetham collection at Wolf & Badger.

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