Barbados. Sunshine Flooded Beaches. The Smell Of Fresh Rain. The Sound Of The Whistling Frogs At Dusk.
SeaReinas® Is The Beautiful Brand Of Barbados. Designer Isabelle Baulu Creates Playful Mismatch Bikinis For Your Sunshine Story.
Connect With Your Most Confident Self In Her Collections Of Luxury Beachwear.

SeaReinas® Shares A Sparkling Day-To-Night Story Too With Our Special Label NAKED intimates®. Inspired By Swaying Palm Trees, Night Blooming Jasmines And A Cloak of Stars.

SeaReinas® Is Passionate About Gender Sustainability and the Power of Lift: Favoring Female Production, Artisanry and Profession.
Isabelle Baulu Actively Promotes Gender Opportunities in Her Brand Growth and Creative Leadership as President of the Barbados Fashion Council.