The action of seeing – See – meets the yarn – Tees -. This is how the Seetees knitwear is created. Passion and an unconventional essence guide our will to combine two opposite entities into a mainstream product: the chance to be recognised and the unifying power of culture. We dress culture in precious yarns. We create a chic-wear style, which brings out the best of Made in Italy. We design every project in collaboration with the most promising emerging artists, to achieve a constantly unique and model product, in fine detail. Imagine emerging artists and the fulfillment of their flair. Transfer this creation onto a precious yarn. What do you get? An artistic opera transferred into graphics, on a unique and unrepeatable t-shirt. Now roll it up and put it inside a reusable glass jar. Result? Uniqueness in a jar: the UNIQUE line. Now imagine new rising talents and their graphic studies. Reproduce them on a limited run onto some short-sleeve fabric. Here is a unique mainstream: the LIMITED line. Now: the knitwear. Seetees stays loyal to their original mission, but with a new vision. The will of blending the evanescence of fashion with the patency of culture embraces the more extended world of knitwear. Precious yarns, brand experience and unification of the opposites meet cardigans, waistcoats, turtlenecks and crew necks. A chic-wear style with a reversible soul, which lives a double life: formal on one hand, fierce on the other. Uniqueness and culture, charisma and sophistication. Paradoxes? Finally possible.