St.Fiz London is proud to be a joyful candle atelier embracing Hedonistic Lightness as a daily life ritual.

‘Our luxury soy candles are crafted to indulge the senses while taking you on an ever changing journey of lightness and playfulness. Inspired by millenarian techniques of aromatherapy, each scent is a magical and individual blend of the purest essential oils to nurture body and soul. St.Fiz luxury soy candles are handcrafted in our London Atelier with great care and by using only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Our essential oils are curated from around the world to gift you with unique and whimsical scents’. P.R.- Founder & Dreamer.

St.Fiz brings nature back home. Obsessed with all natural, our candles are infused with unique handmade blends of high quality pure essential oils to promote wellness and relaxation. St.Fiz candles not only aim to enhance living spaces but also to create a sense of wellbeing and connection with our souls.

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