The Reworks

The Reworks is a modern rebirth of the classic 90's denim-on-denim look with a mix of edgy streetwear. Our collection is handcrafted in NYC using 100% repurposed denim material. We are able to limit our environmental impact by creating fresh designs from unwanted textiles and remnants that otherwise would've been sent to landfills around the world. We have a strong minimal waste philosophy meaning our merchandise generates little to no textile waste during production, and we work on a mostly made-to-order basis to prevent overproduction. We design wearable, unconventional pieces, which due to the nature of repurposed materials, are individual yet replicable, and embody the eco-conscious cool-kid who we design for. We construct our garments with meticulous attention to detail, and emphasis on our ethical production process. Our designs will not only have you feeling confident about your look, but also confident about your purchase because everything is built with greater good in mind.