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Sourced ethically, detailed locally, each piece of ÜMRAN AYSAN collection is enriched by talented hands around the world. Working in collaboration with local artisans and craftsmen from different countries, she combines their inherited handiwork skills with her pure, contemporary signature. Aysan’s dedication to ethical fashion lies not just in ensuring the improvement the livelihood of the artisan communities, but also in the idea of passing down the artisanal heritage to next generations.  ÜMRAN AYSAN has been awarded the coveted Butterfly Mark, in recognition of her commitment towards social, environmental and philanthropic good. From protecting and nurturing traditional craftsmanship to ensuring the provision of materials from sustainably managed ecosystems, the Butterfly Mark offers wordless reassurance that ÜMRAN AYSAN is a luxury brand to trust.

Unfortunately we do not currently stock the UMRAN AYSAN collection at Wolf & Badger.

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