Enamel Pin Snake

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Style notes

As snakes shed their skin through crawling, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. They remind you of the ever-changing and eloping life, saying to leave the past behind and keep on moving into your new future. It guides you to move in life through with steadiness and balance. Not to rush but also not to stall too long. For some a snake is an evil symbol of trickery and witchcraft, but others believe she is the earths’ umbilical cord connecting both the physical and spiritual worlds.

She’s a beauty in the rough, a universally powerful symbol both of evil and good, what she bears depends solely on you.

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Make Heads Turn

Based in: Lithuania

The smallest things can make people’s heads turn to you! Cute, witty and funny pins are one of the perfect little accessories for that. Our love for small editions to your wardrobe and smart statements said without words - we incorporate everyday’s life, culture, and jokes into enamel pins worn casually and 3D zinc pins for the more sophisticated look. Make Heads Turn was founded by Goda Narijauskaite in 2012. All designs were born in Make Heads Turn studio based in Vilnius, Lithuania. All products are made in Europe.


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