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The Innovator: Wolf & Badger Innovation Of The Year 2021

by Wolf & Badger

Innovation is key at Wolf & Badger. Discover some of the brands breaking boundaries from underwear to outerwear.

RÉDUIT was created with one vision: to revolutionize the everyday beauty routine. Launched earlier this year, the RÉDUIT UNI is a revolutionary gadget that enables 24 different treatments to suit both your hair and skin needs. The device's applicator will diffuse fine mist in the form of particles 50 times smaller than in traditional spray systems, and the pure active ingredients of the RÉDUIT Hairpods and Skinpods create a fine film on hair or skin. It’s tech-powered beauty that will provide personalised treatments that absorb deeper, faster, and are more effective than traditional products. 

The modular and multi-functional design of Concrete & Wax’s candle holders enable multiple styling options. Consumers can build their collection of pieces over time while continually altering the way their arrangement looks, keeping it fresh and adapting the style to suit their mood and needs. Their designs respond to the longevity of concrete itself, with each holder designed not just to fit pillar candles, but to also fit any standard tealight, for use over and over again. The poured concrete lids from the brand's container candles and reed diffusers can be removed and used independently to burn tealights or candles, and can be used as a base to stack other concrete holders upon too.

Slow jewellery brand Luminarium create innovative, 3 in 1 designs that focus on reusing one piece of jewellery in multiple ways to ensure longevity, functionality and reducing waste. Each piece is hand made from recycled materials including glass and vintage beads and can be mixed and matched with the rest of the collection to make switching up your style as easy as possible. From earrings which turn into pendants, bracelets and charms turn into signature necklaces to ensure your jewellery works for you at any time of day. 

Womenswear brand Lily & Lou have adopted digital product development to make sure their pre-production waste is kept minimal. Through leveraging on their existing tech capabilities (the adoption of 2D pattern making and 3D sampling) to develop a team of virtual models, the brand are able to mitigate inventory risks and reduce excess sample waste through production of only what is needed for each design. 

Cleverhood are responsible for creating clever rainwater, that covers you, your gear and transitions innovatively to city cycling. Ideal for those bad weather days in the city, Cleverhood's capes feature durable, waterproof fabrics, magnetic closures and reflective strips. The fitted hood optimizes peripheral vision and can be worn under bike helmets, while the elastic thumb loops keep your coverage secure while on the move - making it the ideal rainwear for livable cities.

Innovating eye care, Peep Club have tackled tackle cosmetic eye skin issues and eye hydration through their 100% certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free eye treatment. The brand's breakthrough device, The Heated Eye Wand, stimulates your eyes to naturally hydrate themselves. Through heat, gentle massage and LED light, the device increases blood circulation, helping with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness while red LED light encourages collagen and elastin production to help smooth out the eye area. 

JustWears is a men's underwear brand that is committed to comfort and sustainability. With styles featuring an innovative pouch to separate the banana and the plums, JustWear's designs are created using Micromodal Air, a fabric that uses 20 times less water and takes up 10 times less acreage than cotton. The fabric's organic microfibres provide ventilation and sweat-free wear, while the ergonomic design prevents riding up as well. 

Leim is a clothing brand with a collection of toilet-friendly jumpsuits. Designed and made in the UK, the ezp® jumpsuits are made with sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen and TENCEL™ and feature zips at the sides of the trousers so you don’t need to get fully undressed whilst using the loo! Leim's vintage-inspired, functional designs are designed to move with your body throughout the day and won't compromise on style.