The Role of Hemp in Fighting Climate Change with Blac Sneaker Co

by Blac Sneaker Co

Deforestation, heat, reduced access to fresh water and agricultural change are some of the largest climate change challenges the world is facing over the next decade. Hemp products including yarn, bio-plastics, seed and more can play a vital role in some of these challenges.

Hemp grows incredibly fast and requires less water to grow. This implies that less farmland is required to supply consumption needs of the shoe industry. Faster growing crops meaning less space signifies more land for rainforests and other wildlife spaces. In addition to being fast growing, hemp is well known for replenishing soil health. This provides farmers options to produce crops on barren and depleted soil. In turn hemp can support the reforestation of the world through replenishing soil and requiring less land.

Excess carbon in the atmosphere has been linked to increased global temperatures. Hemp is a carbon fighting machine in this space, it is known to be a heavy lifter in absorbing carbon. Hemp absorbs more carbon than many other plants.

Hemp yarn has been used in rope for hundreds of years due to its strength. This means it is a great textile for the slow fashion and sneaker industries, as it will not stretch out of shape and is incredibly strong. Stronger yarn in fashion products means longer lasting pieces of clothing or shoes.

Hemp is more than its stigma, it is a carbon fighting machine that is the perfect solution to a more sustainable shoe industry. The shoe industry typically uses heavily synthetic materials that are damaging to our planet and wallets. With shoes a necessity for work and play, let’s get more people moving in shoes that are better for the environment! More people in hemp sneakers or fashion increases awareness of these issues.


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