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Horoscope Deep Dive: Talking About Taurus

by Wolf & Badger

As we come to the end of Taurus season, Stella Andromena shares the horoscope for this sign. Delve into her book, 'Taurus', for even more insights into the personality traits and astrological makeup of Taureans. Published by Hardie Grant Publishing and available in our London store or via the Papersmiths website. 


The key words for those born under Taurus are dependable, tenacious and hard-working. Sometimes depicted as the strong, silent type, this may sound rather boring, but this solid reliability is like a prize fertile bull balanced by a practical and compassionate nature: Taurus in earth mother mode will be the one turning up with a meal for that sick friend. For Taurus, their security lies mainly in material possessions and they are not suited to a nomadic existence, preferring to put down roots and create a stable home life, wherever they are. This need for security means that Taurus is often good with money, making it and keeping it and often spending it on their home, creating a secure place for themselves and their beautiful purchases. Taurus likes to feel contained and is very self-contained in many ways, to the point of appearing reserved and keeping their feelings private. And because of a desire for permanence and a dislike of change, Taurus tends to be averse to risk, preferring definite outcomes based on known factors rather than backing a hunch or acting on a whim. Ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and harmony, with an instinct or colour and design, Taurus has a natural flair for creating beautiful things but, being a practical sign, they like to translate this into something solid and enduring. Think of the Spanish artist Joan Miró, with his hands-on abstract paintings, collages, sculptures and tapestries. He is typical of a Taurus. If they are not creating something themselves, then their keen eye for both beauty and a bargain often makes them good art collectors and dealers. Taurus’ sensual tastes also run to food and wine, with a deep appreciation of gourmet cooking and indulgence. Delicious food is always on the menu and many Taureans are happy to spend long hours in the kitchen creating a feast.

Considered one of the least complicated of the Sun signs, Taurus is an intriguing mix of earthiness and elegance. But being a fixed sign, Taureans don’t much like change, and aren’t particularly inclined to spontaneity either: not for them the last-minute dash to the airport with just a toothbrush in their pocket. They’ll be the ones at the First Class check-in desk with the matching Louis Vuitton luggage. For them, abrupt changes of plan can be alarming and it’s at this point that the bull can dig in its heels and paw the ground, provoking all that famous Taurean stubbornness in response. This is the Taurus downside: they can be dogmatic, resistant to change and secretive. Generally slow to anger, Taurus is no pushover and can explode if pushed too far.

The Taurus woman

Strongly feminine, with Venus as her ruling planet, the Taurus woman values romance and passion. She has a keen eye for the real thing, but is unlikely to be swept off her feet, taking her time to diligently weighing up the pros and cons before committing. Generally good-natured, she can sometimes seem rather passive, but a deep confidence in her own talents, instincts and taste makes her very attractive.

The Taurus man

Although some of the words used to describe the Taurus man can make him seem rather stodgy, his trustworthy nature and passion are a winning and generally easy-going combination. He’s someone who likes to take his time and savour his pleasures, giving his undivided attention for as long as his interest holds and generally when he’s decided, he’s in it – whatever it is – for the long haul.

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