5 Minutes With... Alexa K


Alexa K, a Swiss label of high-end jewelry,silk scarves and leather handbags,focuses on celebrating the indomitable women who share the wolf spirit - Intelligence, Integrity and Independence. We spent 5 minutes with the founder Alexandra Elsener to get a glimpse inside the brand.

How did Alexa K begin?

I have a law degree and worked for larger corperations for many years before embarking on my fashion journey. I opened my own boutique store in Switzerland where I gained a lot experience doing all the buying and merchandising for the store, visiting fashion fairs and importing unknown designers to Switzerland. I also worked for a big retailer in the buying department and was in charge of organising fashion shows.
My husband was the driving force to finally work on my own brand who is my big inspiration and mentor. The idea of creating a brand with meaning was something I felt I always wanted to do, because we live in a world where fashion usually is more commercial and has no relation to the individual customer. I want my customers to feel unique and meaningful when wearing the brand.

What is the main inspiration behind your jewellery? 

Ever since my childhood, wolves have been my spiritual animals guiding me through daily life. I started having dreams with wolves aged 3 when my grandmothers read fairytales to me before going to bed. One of my favourite fairytales was of course, Little Red Riding Hood. These dreams kept appearing up to the age of 13 when my parents finally decided to buy me a dog. The dreams of wolves stopped and I felt complete with my first canine companion who was a black labrador. Fashion is something I was always interested in and so when I decided to create my own brand and launch my first collection, it had to be with a wolf theme.

Aside from your jewellery, what are you most passionate about and driven by?

I am passionate about life in general and have a very positive outlook on things. I love the arts and consider myself to be very creative. My mind is constantly popping up with new ideas. Travel and exploring new cultures and places makes me really happy, and of course, I love animals too so this will definitely be my inspirational source for future collections.

What makes your jewellery unique?

I wanted to create a brand with meaning, so that when my customers wear it they have something to say about it! My first collection is about wolves and their close personality to the female kind. Both are clever, strong, intuitive and driven by instincts and their love for their family. Both have a long history of being oppressed, hunted and even killed over centuries for fear of their intelligence and strength. So when women meet up in a café wearing my jewelery I want it to trigger meaningful conversations between them... My jewellery should empower women in every life situation.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

My favourite piece is the faux fur wolf bangle, which represents the wolf in it's habitat - the forest, the green faux fur represents that.


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