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Blending Science & Senses For The Perfect Cup With Origin Coffee

by Wolf & Badger

The unique coffee roaster, Origin Coffee is quickly evolving across the UK, not only blending science and senses for the perfect cup but sourcing coffee through a triple-bottom-line approach, with each blend of coffee sharing the bond of its central ethos.

We caught up with the Origin team to learn more about their journey and one of their speciality recipes for a cold brew negroni for us to try at home. Read on for an insight into their business as well as the cocktail recipe:

Tell us about Origin Coffee and how you’re changing the coffee game. When did this journey begin?

Origin Coffee began in 2004 with owner and founder, Tom Sobey. As one of the longest-standing speciality coffee roasters on UK shores, we’ve seen numerous changes, but our mission and values remain the same: to source, roast, educate, and brew exceptional coffee, coffee that celebrates the work and commitment of the country, landscape, farmers, pickers, producers, millers, cooperations, and more. It’s always been about quality and pioneering a change in the way the global business of speciality coffee is done. We believe in transparency and open conversations, making sure to share our journey with our customers. 

You became a B Corp-certified business in 2020 (amazing!). How important was the process of becoming certified? What were the hardest challenges you faced along the way?

Becoming B Corp certified marked a fantastic point in our journey. While it’s a brilliant milestone, it’s a continuation of our goals, rather than a finishing point. For us, it’s more about being held accountable. We’ll continue to aim higher and try harder with each re-application process. It’s great to be recognised and share the space with some incredible like-minded businesses. It’s a thorough, vigorous process that takes time and dedication, and certainly not an easy process, but one that we feel is entirely worth it. 

Are things changing for the better in the coffee industry? How do you ensure your supply chain creates a positive impact at every stage?

Conversations are growing, but there’s plenty more to be done. It’s great to see more people seeking the story of the coffee: they want to understand where it comes from, how it’s paid for, and where that money goes. With climate change, there are real, pressing conversations about the effect of environmental impact. By seeking out direct trade relationships, building lasting partnerships, and committing to paying fairly – always above fair trade prices – we are investing in education, training, financial security, and the future of speciality coffee.

Do you have a favourite blend you can talk our readers through?

We have three exceptional mainstay blends that remain on offer throughout the year. Each of these blends comes from relationships built with incredible producers. Resolute is arguably one of our most popular. Consistent, full-bodied, and delicious with milk or served black, this is a comforting blend with classic notes of chocolate and stone fruit, with a sweet caramel finish.

Describe the perfect coffee shop experience. How do you hope your customers feel when they visit your London and Cornwall locations?

Experience is exactly the word! We want customers to have a full sensory experience. It’s in the details: the ambience, the conversations, and of course, the coffee. We believe that enjoying coffee is a ritual: those moments of peace, where you take time to savour the space you’ve created for yourself. 

What’s next for Origin Coffee in 2023?

There’s a lot on the calendar for 2023! Alongside some great events, competitions we’ll be cheering on and entering, and plenty of exciting growth and development for e-commerce, our locations, and the roastery. We'll be celebrating some incredible landscapes for coffee – thanks to the work of some incredible producers, new and old friendships, and the sourcing skills of our Director of Coffee, Freda Yuan. We’ll also continue to work on improving our B Corp score.

Tell us what you love about Wolf & Badger.

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Origin is keeping things original without compromising the balance of bitters and sweet, this coffee-infused drink adds a twist to the classic cocktail. Introducing their Cold Brew Negroni recipe below:


  • 25ml Dry Gin 
  • 25ml Campari bitters
  • 35ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 35ml Origin Cold Brew



  • Add all ingredients to a mixer and stir with ice until condensation starts to form on the side. 
  • Strain into a glass, and garnish with fresh orange peel and a sprig of rosemary.