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Horoscope Deep Dive: It's Gemini Season

by Wolf & Badger

As Gemini season draws to a close, Stella Andromena shares the horoscope for this sign. Delve into her book, 'Gemini', for even more insights into the personality traits and astrological makeup of Geminis. Published by Hardie Grant Publishing and available in our London store or via the Papersmiths website. 


The key words for Gemini are airy, communicative, versatile, energetic in mind and adaptable by nature. There’s something quixotic, mercurial, about them, too, which fascinates others.

Occasionally rather lax or discreet about the truth of a situation, this is less about deliberately lying as skirting around the issue when it suits them. Sometimes considered rather capricious as a consequence, there is a duality to Gemini’s make-up, depicted in its representation by the mythological twins, Castor and Pollux, born of the same mother but two different fathers. 

This duality can be seen in an ability to assume two (or even more) roles, made possible by an easy adaptability because Gemini is a mutable sign. This can also make Gemini restless, seeing them flit from one idea, one role, or job, or occupation, to another; a sort of hyperactivity that can result in a dissipation of energy. All of this can lend superficiality to Gemini dealings with others, as each new idea seems to spark another and another and another - making it hard for anyone else to keep up. 

Gemini ideas are often good, but unless they are delivered on, nothing will stick, and to be successful, this is a lesson useful for Gemini to learn. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s urge to communicate is open to view, as even if not speaking, they’re likely to be messaging, texting, emailing or surfing social media – often doing many of these simultaneously. 

Gemini always has an opinion and something interesting to say, making new and unusual connections between ideas, and their sharp observations make them an entertaining companion. Because of this facility, public engagement holds little anxiety and talking to strangers is positively relished. 

Even shy Geminis find that their innate curiosity about life helps them overcome barriers to connection. Gemini is also likely to have a wide range of friends and companions, often from markedly different walks of life, which reflects their chameleon-like tendency to adapt to their surroundings. 

There’s also a super-rational and emotionally distant side to Gemini, something that can make them very good at arguing a position, because their quick minds are able to see different perspectives without confusing the argument. This rationality can also mean, however, that it’s not always easy for Gemini to think or feel deeply, and if this goes unaddressed it can create problems in relationships.

Your Gemini Horoscope

The Gemini woman

The Gemini woman is a bit of a flirt by nature, and resistant to being tied down. This airy spirit needs her wings on which to fly, so any attempts to clip them could find her gone. She uses her hands to communicate in conversation, but isn’t particularly touchy-feely, meaning she can convey an air of reserve. Because of this, although she’s friendly, she often appears to maintain a slight distance.

The Gemini man

The Gemini man often looks younger than his age, and this can make his sophisticated ideas something of a surprise – he’s not to be underestimated. His ability to surf friendships, or to keep them at arm’s length, makes him difficult to pin down and he can make several arrangements for the same time, then decline them all for another that’s just cropped up. Infuriatingly, he’s such a charmer, he usually gets away with it.

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