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Horoscope Deep Dive: Libra

by Wolf & Badger

Happy Libra Season! Let's get into what to expect from the Libran's in your life, and dive deeper in 'Libra' by Stella Andromena, published by Hardie Grant Publishing, available in our London store or via Papersmiths website.


Key words for Libra are balance, harmony and diplomacy. Generally inclined to create peace, using silver-tongued words to soothe and placate, they are also good listeners and the least argumentative sign of the zodiac. That doesn’t mean Libra doesn’t enjoy debating the issue, in fact they relish it, weighing up the pros and cons of a situation, trying to balance both sides according to their astrological sign, the scales. There’s a huge sense of fairness that drives them and an objectivity that allows Libra to see both sides. This ability to prioritise rational thought over feelings can often work in their favour, but can sometimes make them appear rather a reserved, cool customer. 

In fact, in extreme, this ability to see all sides can work against them, as others might distrust the Libra inclination to try to please all the people, all the time. That balancing act can sometimes look a little too much like sitting on the fence and Libra needs to remember that it’s also important to say what they are actually thinking and feeling in order to communicate well, even at the risk of ruffling a few feathers. That same sense of balance and harmony often shows up through an artistic appreciation or talent, whether that’s an admiration for, or an ability to do, something beautiful, either through their own artistic effort or just in their home décor and the way they arrange something as simple as their beautifully laundered, linen tea towels. 

Libra's good taste is often demonstrated in the elegant way they dress. Even when their colours are bold, they’ll be beautifully coordinated and there's an airy refinement which comes from attention to detail. What may be luxuries for others are necessities for Libra, whether that’s freshly-ground, artisan-roasted beans for their coffee, the 600-thread count of their bed sheets or regular manicures and stylish haircuts. Good-natured and good company, with an easy, sociable manner and smooth-talking repartee, Libra often has many acquaintances but fewer close friends. In fact, all that emotional balancing they do in their heads can create a sense of uncertainty, making it difficult for them to trust people and allow the intimacy that creates close bonds, and this uncertainty can sometimes be mistaken for self-reliance or airy indifference. But relationships are essential to Libra, they need them to balance themselves and thrive – so learning to manage these contradictions is important and, once a trusted bond has been made, that ambivalence can be overcome.

The Libra Woman

The Libra woman isn’t always easy to read, because she is constantly trying to balance intellect and emotion, which can make her appear to blow hot and cold, making romantic gestures and then questioning them. With a tendency to take great care over her appearance, the Libra woman strives for perfection from her eyebrows to her toes and expects to be admired and complimented for it.

The Libra Man

There’s a definite look toa Libra man: he’s all about quality not quantity. He may not wear socks, but his shoes will be Italian, his shirts linen and sweaters cashmere. He’s also a man who thrives on relationships, often more than one at a time until he decides where his heart truly rests, and charming enough to get away with it.

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