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Becoming A Professional Manifestor Through Spiritual Alchemy

by Juliana Kuzminova

Many of us have heard of the book “The Secret'' and the way it uncovers our ability to manifest our wishes.  At frecklefarm organics, we have been applying the principles of “The Secret” and Spiritual Alchemy for over a decade, and we wanted to share our experience and how to become a professional manifestor to help you take control of your life. 

Spiritual Alchemy is the process of purifying your soul to reach enlightenment, just as Alchemy, using common metals such as lead, puts these metals through a series of purifying processes until they become gold. It is a journey that separates the physical from the spiritual only to reunite the two into a fully harmonious whole as we come into full alignment with our highest self. The journey involves important 7 processes: 


In Alchemy, calcination involves the element of fire and refers to heating a solid to high temperatures for the purpose of removing impurities.  Spiritually, calcination burns away the ego’s grip.  It may feel like everything we hold true is being endangered, as if someone pulled the rug from right under our feet and we are free-falling through the abyss of the unknown, being torn to fragments, and then being burned to ashes.

Even though this may be painful, this process makes us realize that we have outgrown something that is no longer needed. This stage allows us to break down our ego to see what is behind the veil.

The key is to surrender to this process, allowing the universe to unveil our lessons so that we “burn away” what is no longer serving us.


Dissolution uses the element of water to support the process of releasing outgrown beliefs. This stage of transformation is often brought about by hardships in our lives, shocking us out of our complacency.

The idea is to accept and express our emotions caused by trauma and painful events, while detaching from the experience that triggered them in the past, so that they are transmuted. This is the beginning of spiritual maturity and the spiritual awakening process.


The process of separation involves self-reflection and helps us become aware of our authentic intuition hiding behind the ego.  During this process we feel disappointment and frustration with ourselves and/or others rather than ignoring the issue.

On the flipside, being in tune with our intuition and expression allows the separation process to unfold. The separation process deepens our understanding and appreciation of our emotions so that we can integrate our intuition into daily life.


The Conjunction relates to the heart and earth, where the spiritual meets the physical and the higher states of consciousness may be unified. 

Here, there are fewer fears and we start seeing our mistakes as necessary lessons for the awakening to occur at the right time. We begin to see the divine timing in everything and that everything happens for a reason.


During this process we must again face the ego’s attempt at dominance, however this time our experience is different.  We have a sense of higher force assessing us, that provides the support system needed to have better control over ourselves.

Putrefactions continue until we have “stewed in our own juices” enough to enter fermentation. 


Just as Phoenix rises out of ashes, in fermentation, a new wisdom may arise based upon the breaking down of former beliefs.  We may suddenly become aware of why we act and feel a certain way, as old beliefs that no longer serve us fade away.


During the process of distillation, we realize that we are all interconnected.  We become more interested in the greater good of all, rather than in fulfilling our own ego. A distilled person surrenders to the higher forces and works with the moment of now to tune into their inner self.


As we transform, as does a caterpillar into a butterfly, we embody self-aware, divine co-creators of our collective reality with a full understanding of the interconnection around us and see that the inner and outer world are not different, but a reflection of each other.  We become professional manifestors and co-creators of our own reality.