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Keeping Yourself Inspired & Motivated With FYI Robyn

by FYI Robyn

By fyirobyn DJ, Model and Content Creator
Since we’ve been spending much more time alone and in the comfort of our own homes, I decided to keep my edit cosy. Already naturally gravitating towards comfortable clothes and anything oversized, lockdown fashion didn’t seem too disparate for me. Growing up I ripped through every trend going; from Tammy Girl low rise jeans to a MySpace Scene kid, thankfully I’ve come to appreciate the prime importance of just being comfortable and confident in my every day uniform.
As lockdown began to feel too real and less of an extended summer holiday, my job as a DJ sadly started to feel improbable (at least for the near future). So I’ve had to be very conscious to keep myself inspired and motived throughout lockdown, musically and personally. Don’t be mistaken, the journey was not linear (I don’t think it ever is?) discovering and recovering my creative self - something I hope to do for the rest of my life, in or out of isolation. I have Julia Cameron’s book - ‘The Artists Way’ to thank for assisting me along this journey, along with some simple but transformative rituals; morning pages (a task from The Artist’s Way), meditation, exercise, reading, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and listening to inspiring sounds. 
Music has nursed and nourished my soul during the bumpy transitions and the rollercoaster of emotions during lockdown. The playlist I’ve created reflects different moods I experienced, each track echoing a specific moment for me. Starting with some soothing ambient tracks, to some downtempo chuggers, and eventually building to some dance floor bangers that are guaranteed to get you groovin’.