Ashanti Cosmetics

Ashanti Cosmetics was founded by Rose Appiah in 2017 and is made up of a range of 100% natural handmade skincare range take you straight to the heart of Ghana.
Based on family recipes that span over centuries back in time, Our ingredients are made up of Cocoa and shea and made in our farms in Ghana. Our products were were born from the harmony of ancient Akan traditions, a lot of passion and some heavenly luxurious ingredients.
To the people of Ghana time just doesn't exist. This is why we believe in the ageless beauty and elegance of all our products, that are specially made for you.
We believe that the softness of our shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and pomegranate oil based moisturisers and oils purify your mind and ease your soul, to just let you get on with life without the worry.
We are a 100% positive about the healing powers of love, peace and playful lust. So we highly encourage you to practice all three separately or at the same time whilst using our magical creams to enhance your daily life.
Each one of products is bursting with organic vegan beauty love. Our promise to you is to help keep your skin perfectly supple, golden and smooth without any added synthetics.
Lastly, we believe in my grandmother’s wise words that has formed the Ashanti philosophy:
"Beauty is simplicity”.

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