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Feel In The Blank: Creating Community Through Authenticity

by Wolf & Badger

Feel In The Blank is a self help and relationship podcast started by best friends Kayla Scott and Iyanna McNeely. Kayla and Iyanna take us through the beginnings of their podcast, what the future looks like, and the feeling of building community through their own passions.  

Tell us about the beginnings of Feel In The Blank and what inspired you to start a podcast!

Kayla: The start of Feel in the Blank was really a call to walk into who I truly am and follow my passions - I have always felt called to share my stories in order to help others. Iyanna was in the process of figuring out her next steps after Love is Blind, and I knew I wanted to have a podcast with someone else. When Iyanna presented the idea of us doing the podcast together I knew it was a great idea! We have a lot of similarities but different life experiences that we knew would be helpful for people to hear and learn from.

Iyanna: The idea of Feel in the Blank began with me and Kayla expressing that we wanted to extend our platforms and discuss things that we are passionate about like humanity, mental health, and relationships. My season of Netflix’s Love is Blind had finished airing and I wanted to start a project with my newfound notoriety. Kayla had already received support for her idea from a friend who volunteered to produce the podcast, and with that, the team building began.

What has it been like creating this community around healing? How has the podcast changed your lives? 

Kayla: It has been very surreal. We hoped that this is what it would be, so seeing it come to life in the way we intended it to is an amazing feeling. I think this is a testament to who Iyanna and I are as people because we have always been committed to healing and growth. This podcast is a mirror to the conversations we have beyond recording, and we are grateful we can invite others into that. The podcast has opened my eyes to the outpouring of support that people can give just from you being YOU. It is an amazing experience to do work where you only have to show up as yourself and that is enough. 

Iyanna: Although I knew and understood that I’m not the only person enduring and learning

through my specific trials, I FELT it after the podcasts’ launch. It really was like building a true community; it’s been apparent that like-minded people are attracted to the podcast because of our authenticity. It affirmed my passions and hopes, and has continued to give me the space to learn through therapeutic talking. I’ve gained a different, more evolved sense of confidence and competency.

What are your favorite topics to discuss on the podcast?

Kayla: I always will love to talk about the growth from previous experiences until now. It’s great to showcase the power of being introspective and the positive impacts it can have on your life.

Iyanna: My favorite topics are usually the topics that we happen to stumble on mid-episode. These usually unfold during episodes where we play a card game or answer our audience’s questions via their Listener’s Submissions. Some of our most popular, viral moments have come from those episodes, which is evidence of the chemistry, connection, and comfortability that Kayla and I have. But a simpler answer would be the episodes speaking about romantic relationships, because I myself am a hopeless romantic. I’m talking daydreams in ‘The Notebook’ kind of romantic.

What does the future look like for Feel In The Blank?

Kayla: There are so many big dreams for FITB. We want to take it as far as God allows. FITB will be a representation of our various interests and parts of our personalities. I’m excited for us to showcase other sides of us in that 

Iyanna: I see more live shows, merchandise, hosting, and event planning. I’m unsure if my dreams are at all realistic or even attainable, but at this point, this podcast is my baby. I’ll do what I can to continue to nourish it and help it grow, no matter where that leads.

Photos by Ajah Aviles @ajahlexiproductions

Makeup and hair by Paige Warford  @thesupplier.face