AVANI Apparel

Natural fibers, wooden buttons, organic fabrics and ecological dyes, AVANI works only with high quality, beautiful materials and selected according to one principle: to minimize their ecological footprint. Emphasis has been put on the search for fibers that consume as little natural resources as possible,the least pollution and come from forests that are sustainably managed for fighting against massive deforestation.

They ensure extreme rigour in the sourcing process, selecting only the finest ecological, local and traceable materials in order to be radically sustainable. AVANI sources the healthiest fabrics to take care of your skin, while enhancing your body with feminine, refined wardrobe essentials.

Guided by strong ethical values and in the greatest respect for the planet, the brand is committed to total transparency and traceability along their value chain (from the culture of the fiber to the final product). The brand is for all women looking for an alternative to fashion as we consume it today, while celebrating femininity in timeless, well cut pieces.