Bloom Remedies

Traditional alchemy meets aromatherapy to create Bloom Remedies — a small batch producer of award winning natural skincare and wellness products based in the wilds of West Cornwall.

Essential oils, herbal extracts, organic base oils are the lifeblood of Bloom and these amazing gifts from nature are the secret force behind Bloom's founder Marie Hall - an accredited aromatherapist and member of IFPA with a diploma in Essential Oil Science.

As small batch producers, using high quality botanical ingredients, Bloom has a unique and close connection to our end product, and we constantly monitor the raw materials that we use. Every stage of our making process is done by hand - from batch mixing, to labelling and bottling. This quality process, combined with the mindful and soulful way in which the products are created gives us an intuitive edge.

Ethically, we promise to always:
Buy organically whenever possible
Recycling and reuse wherever possible
Avoid all use of over-harvested or environmentally damaging species (e.g sandalwood mysore, and palm oil)
Test our final formulations on humans and sourcing ingredients that are certifiably from cruelty free origins
Believe skincare and wellbeing should nourish you from without and within. Cruelty to the planet, cruelty to animals and thoughtlessness in the formulating process through the use of synthetic cheaper ingredients can't play any part in our journey.

VAT: 231235745