Couture Des Iles

COUTURE DES ILES is a brand rich of heritage and legacy of craftsmanship by making use of traditional Bahamian crafts to bring it into modern day relevance. All of our handbags and clutches are HANDMADE from the “plaiting” of Bahamian Silver top Palm trees. Bahamian straw craft is our answer in designing ECO-FRIENDLY fashion accessories.

The tradition of Bahamian straw work, or plaiting, has been practiced by mostly women in the islands for hundreds of years. Historians believe Bahamian straw weaving began with the native Arawaks, who created baskets used for carrying fruits and catching fish, clothing, and head coverings using palm leaves.

Bahamian straw workers typically start their craft at an early age, learning at the feet of their mothers and grandmothers. Take a close look at a straw product – or plait, as it is known in The Bahamas – and you will begin to understand the intricacies of the weaves that carry names such as peas ‘n rice, Bahama Mama, Jacob’s ladder, sour sop, pineapple and fish pot.