Doyi Park

After 4 years of study in Parsons the new school of design in New York, She launches her first FW collection in 2019. Doyi Park's main concept is 'Her own story, memory, and chronicle'. She wants her clothes to be able to share the special or everyday moments for the women, regardless of time and age, and become the object that reflects their delightful chronicle.

Her design philosophy is defined as 'refined originality, aesthetic value, and daily practicality'.

She creates refined originality look through the process of mixing and reconstructing the classical elements. She designs delicate and elegant details in architectural silhouettes. Also, She seeks natural aesthetic pride in a variety of physical activities. She considers not only the static image of the garments but also the human body-line as it moves for the comfortable fit.

Wearing fine clothes means wearing a sense of pride and presence. To correspond, She tried to create the garments has the value with good energy. Doyi Park will always be the same mind, the same attitude, and will be there to visualize its special value.

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Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

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This collection is entirely made in the designer’s studio and/or by an artisan collective of fewer than 10 people.

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