I grew up very close to my Greek roots. Greece is a place in which I find that an authentic smell and feeling emanate from its nature, monuments and light. A characteristic of its own that has nurtured my fascination for ancient Greek jewellery. There is something timeless and pure about it: its warmth and beauty don’t fade with time but keeps its shine throughout the centuries. Handmade, they are imperfectly perfect. I love the idea that a piece of jewellery can be passed throughout generations and will carry a story. Jewellery is not only an adornment but also a form of protection. There is a very strong and powerful connection between the jewel and the wearer. It is part of who you are and never gets old; in fact it becomes more and more beautiful with age. I enjoy making organic, timeless and vintage inspired jewellery that will be passed from one generation to another carrying its own story. This is why I only work with precious metals - Sterling Silver 925 and 18k Gold - so that my creations keep their shine throughout their journey. Every ELI-O piece is unique and handmade with love in my atelier. My work is mainly based on the ancient technique of “lost wax casting”, which embraces the organic hand’s imperfections at work. Appreciative of considerate craftsmanship, I am committed to sustainability and localised production. I use recycled metals, have local furnishers and have my pieces casted locally. I’ve always had a passion for jewellery but it is not until recently that I really fell in love with the making of it! I hope you will enjoy wearing ELI-O jewels and I’m sure each piece worn will tell a unique and amazing story!