EMIIWASA's concept is a 'NO CONCEPT,MORE FREE' if I decided the concept at all. it isn't interesting.My way is inspired by a lot of things in each time,I don't establish a concept as rule. My speciality is mix pattern. This collection's theme is a 'Pank Elegant'. It mixed some different or opposite things. In this March I educated The VANTAN Design Institute in Tokyo and then I traveled around the Europe. I saw a lot of things in that time so 2018SS collection was inspired by them. Especially in London,the first,a tough guy(he had big muscle and some tattoos)was planting flowers by the road it was very interesting and funny because they were very different things,strong and delicate. So this collection was used some beautiful floral patterns but shape is not sophisticate and also model and makeup was dark. The next,usually some houses wall surface are painted by a lot of colours in London. So some of this collection's clothe were imaged from that,for example 'Is This Sex?' painted long dress.The finally this collection's key word is 'Is This Sex?' that a me and my friend's(kind of boyfriend)favourite crazy game,it likes children playing. These are my favourite imagination source.