GIGI KOKO brand, represents the fun side of Greek culture and the variety of colors you find when you walk within the alleys and streets of the Greek islands.
GIGI KOKO"s philosophy is to create unique styles that promote the Greek cultural heritage. Each shoe gives you a sense of the white and blue alleys of the Greek islands.
The collection is made from vegetable tanned leather, we use hand-woven organic cotton fabrics from a loom, are dyed with plants with medicinal virtues and their aim is to create a sustainable fashion and long-lasting and high-quality products.
With the assimilation of these differences, we wanted to create a need to inspire a new perception of multiculturally diverse worlds that is used in the world of fashion without ever threatening its identity: Greece and its picturesque islands.
multiculturalism applied to Ethical Fashion:
Goodbye to fast fashion and hello to a better way of producing, to a range of products and processes.

VAT: 800319860

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Workers are paid a living wage; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the factory is compliant with all local environmental regulations.

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The brand producing this collection has a net zero carbon footprint.

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Hides or textiles in this collection are sourced as a by-product of the food industry, population control of wild animals, and/or free-range farming.

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All packaging in this collection is recyclable, recycled and free from petroleum based plastics.

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This collection has been produced on a small scale, with environmentally sensitive production methods; the constituent materials have been sourced sustainably, and conserve biodiversity.

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