GLOD, originated from the Danish word glød (meaning glow), believes that everyone has their moments to glow. This evocative glow unfolds a vista of infinite inspiration to us.

Here at GLOD, we focus on vivifying our jewelry to ignite the soul-renewing aura power inside each wearer.

We develop the aesthetics of GLOD by capturing the journey of light, using curves, points and lines, the contrast between abstract and tangible shapes at the serendipitous glowing moment. We illuminate the glow of GLOD by embracing the notion of aura and mythical power from galaxy wonders. We encapsulate the very essence from play of light in our design to embody the transcendent glow.

Our design ranges from simple elegance, playfulness created by mix and match, and modern chic. Certain pieces are designed in a transformable way or with kinetic and spin details, more than a simple mix and match for wearer to create her own style, and offering a glimpse into the secret of a mesmerizing transformation.

With artistic design, durable materials, and ethical production, we hope to bring you something unique but affordable, also sustainable and unforgettable.