Guadalupe Design

Guadalupe Design is a unique brand that celebrates traditional millenary techniques from artisans all around the world. Our designs offer unique beauty, and timeless heritage.

Our collections are created with love and inspired by designs from places afar. We seek to not only find beauty, but to preserve heritage and craft traditions such as Wayuu weaving in Colombia and Jamdani weaving in Bengal.

From dresses to kimonos, handbags, jewelry, and footwear, all of our pieces are crafted with love and care. Among the techniques the artisans use are block-printing, weaving, dying and embroidery.

We work together and support local artisans and producers in developing countries, always seeking to promote transparent communication, respectful and long-term relationships. We are helping them scale their businesses; hand-by-hand we make a strong positive impact over these economies.

It’s much more than crafts; is helping to preserve traditional techniques and supporting local communities. Advising them on design, nurturing talent and how to improve quality as well as promoting a healthy way of living and fair wages.