He & DeFeber

He & DeFeber is a London-based independent menswear label that explores expression and art in modern life. The label was co-founded in 2016 by fashion designer Hera Wan and entrepreneur Ignas de Feber. He & DeFeber aims to introduce consumers to an alternative fashion awareness that fosters ideologies of slow fashion and building a sustainable wardrobe. He & DeFeber embodies a unique design philosophy that reaches beyond the common expectations of a contemporary menswear line. We believe that fashion is not simply a façade; it is a medium to express ideas and share emotion. He & DeFeber thrives on redefining the distinction between fashion and clothing, encouraging slow fashion and utilising local manufacturers. Designer Hera Wan obtained her Bachelors and Masters of Arts qualifications in fashion design from the prestigious London College of Fashion after an industrial design education in Hong Kong. During her years of fashion education, she has gained industry experience in myriad European design houses, including Viktor & Rolf. Hera Wan has established a strong understanding of design theory and representation in fashion, and her playful pattern cutting aims to reinvent the modern silhouette. Hera aims to explore the realm of art and design through fashion and clothing construction, and her previous works have been published in magazines such as i-D, Hunger, Fantastics, Fucking Young!, HUF, Blend and Vanity Teen, reaching influential audiences in the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Malta and US.

VAT: 223160258