In Association With

In Association With was established by founder and designer Lauren Schofield whilst on a trip to India at the end of 2016. Whilst visiting Jaipur she realised an opportunity to create something that celebrated the beauty of different cultures and countries by working directly with craftspeople of those countries; giving people awareness to the source of their products and contributing directly to that countries economy.

In Association With aims to be a brand where the consumer can shop mindfully and with good conscious, somewhere you can find fair trade and ethically made goods from around the world. "A place for collaboration and documentation of the journey our pieces make, from concept to creation."

In an effort to encourage a step towards reducing throwaway fast fashion culture and mass production, In Association With plans to create quality pieces in small quantities that aim to capture the essence of the culture of origin whilst working with craftspeople, artisans and suppliers who have ethical and fair trade policies in place.

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