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Introvertie VIENNA

Introvertie VIENNA is a brand for people with loud minds and louder clothes. We may not go out often, but when we do, we go out in style. Introvertie is tailored to those who favor a good book over small talk, who exude a quiet confidence, and let their clothes make a statement. As a women-run fashion label, we specialize in limited-edition pieces crafted from exclusive fabrics and custom-designed prints. Based in Vienna, Austria, we take pride in creating wardrobe essentials - from the ideal wrap dress for brunch to the effortless slip dress. At Introvertie, we exclusively work with natural fibers, such as silk, linen, and cotton, to provide our customers with high-quality, sustainable pieces. Every garment is designed in Vienna and meticulously handcrafted in Europe.
Natural Materials
Happy Worker
Independent Brand