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Janus Edinburgh

‘Janus’ was the ancient Roman God of beginnings and endings, of gateways, and transitions. Being named for such a strong, multi-faceted being, we take these concepts and imbue a sense of them into our jewellery. The bedrock of Janus is the strong belief that jewellery should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but provide a means for preserving memories and connections, for weaving stories and communicating emotions. With this in mind, Janus jewellery is designed to accompany the wearer through all of their transitions. Celebrating a range of styles and aesthetics, each Janus collection takes inspiration from a different source. Whether it’s a certain time, place, or story, we’re sure you’ll find a piece that resonates with you, to mark that important moment in your life. 

Janus Edinburgh's sustainability and ethical guarantees: