Kitik Jewelry

Kitik is unique filigree jewelry, handmade by skilled artisans from Ecuador, taking ancient techniques and bringing them to the present with modern designs that will transform into future heirlooms. Every piece is designed by jewelry designer Cristina Amador, with 13 years of experience in the field. She visited the jeweler community of Chordeleg while giving them a free design and ethics workshop. It was then that she fell in love with the work of these artisans, but was heartbroken to learn how underpaid they were. This brand was born from the desire of helping a group of artisans earn fair wages doing what they love and have been taught through generations. Cristina designs the pieces following her unique aesthetics that makes even the simplest ring into a statement piece, and the Chordeleg jewelers bring her designs to life. With your purchase you provide a fair income to a community of artisans who make the pieces with their own hands and hearts. All the pieces are made from sterling and fine silver and 24k gold plating.

Available in London