LDYBG is a 100% Made in Italy brand, specialized in the creation of unique jeweled-accessories. Our aim is to create luxury and original garments that stand for top quality, design, story and vibration. LDYBG first original creation is CASHMĀLĀ. The name comes from the union of cashmere (raw material) + mālā (Hindus-Buddhist prayer garland made of beads and finished by a tassel which represents the "Loto of thousand petals" and symbolizes the enlightenment). CASHMĀLĀ is a 100% cashmere knitwear garment finished with the application of handcrafted cashmere tassels enlightened by Swarovski crystal beads. It has a unique original design: just one shape carefully conceived to embrace any body, personality, style and culture while providing glamour, freedom and comfort. CASHMĀLĀ can be styled as: poncho, scarf, shawl, bandanna, turban, kefiah, jiab... and everything else a creative mind can imagine.

Available in New York