Love Absolute Skincare

Nourish smooth and revitalise skin with nature’s most luxurious, bio-diverse and organic ingredients.

Love Absolute Skincare, based in London is all handmade by Sarah Bisset a holistic therapist and healer, who takes her inspiration from the fruit and flowers that she saw while growing up in the country village Chalford Hill, Gloucestershire.

Inspired to source locally and sustainably, she discovered English oils from wild fruit and flowers, which are paired with traditional and more exotic organic ingredients. Many of our oils, such as Corn cromwell, Black Blackcurrant, Elderberry and Starflower, have been clinically shown to support skin health, whilst protecting from weather and pollution. They have also been shown to help solve many unbalanced skin conditions.

Love Absolute blends ‘Naked Science and Alchemy’ for skin so calm, comfortable and clear, you can forget the make up and dare to go bare. Our facial oils are light and non pore blocking, and our creams are formulated with a combination of botanically derived essential fatty acids that are safe and very skin kind for rich nutrition without causing congestion.

We only use vegan ingredients such as vegan hyaluronic acid (vegetable derived) which helps maximise hydration and skin plumping qualities, vegan glycerine and vegetable matter derived proteins. We also use Bee friendly suppliers, and leaping bunny certified suppliers for flower absolutes, plus organic oils and essential oils. Our fruit and flower creams are suitable for very sensitive to all skin types and feel rich and beautiful to use. Always check ingredients for specific allergies.

Our range of natural but highly effective products, will perform technically, just as well as your trusted big brands favourites. This means you can switch to completely natural skincare, whilst looking and feeling glossy & beautiful, guilt free and with no compromise.

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