Maiyo was born in 2016 by Roxanne Namaki, a London based fashion student. Her love for fashion grew from a very young age and led her to explore the world, so she could appreciate different cultures, fabrics, colours and patterns. After spending a long summer in Brazil exploring the various cities, her love for bikinis and swimwear grew. Roxanne's background in fashion marketing and design helped her to design various styles and patterns that could appeal to fellow swimwear lovers, whilsts keeping focus on crochet products. Crochet is the perfect strip back of fabrics as it is a uniform and ancient form of knitting, and Maiyo is here to bring it back in style! From bikinis to accessories Maiyo has the perfect fix for the unique touch to a beautiful summer outfit. The name Maiyo orginiates from Roxanne's Persian background as Maiyo means swimwear in Farsi.