mika jewellery

Award-winning jewellery brand. Playful jewellery with a statement. Mika was born in Japan and grew up in London. After studying at Central Saint Martins, she has trained as a jewellery designer and worked for the most prestigious jewellery brands in London and Tokyo. In 2019, she has launched her own jewellery brand.

Merging London-eccentric aesthetics with Japanese delicate refinement, her multi-cultural background cultivated distinct uniqueness to her designs. Mika sees jewellery as an expressive tool that can empower women and enhance their everyday life. Jewellery is not just a decorative adornment, it can accentuate your personality and become an extension of your self.

Mika’s inspiration often comes from her personal philosophy in life, and her designs tend to reflect strong statements. She is against following trends or sticking to traditional definition of jewellery. She constantly questions the norm of jewellery and experiments new approach to find new creative possibilities. Mika continues to expand her collections with a sense of humor and appreciation for luxury.