Muse - intellectual femininity and individuality. Especially in art women always had a special role of a muse but today the beautiful womenkind is changing: modern muse is strong yet feminine, independant and immersed in her career, she is aimed to emphasize her individuality. Her unique style accentuates her inner world, the ability to present herself and get anything she wants.

Muse collections are inspired by exceptional style icons that back in time made a revolution in fashion and art, changed lives of millions of women. Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin, Jerry Hall, Edie Sedgwick - muses that created a new perception of beauty and influenced development of today’s fashion.

Vintage seaming, delicate handmade embroidery, romantic silhouettes, high waists, elegant basques, corsette belts and many other elements create a feminine graceful character and that is the concept of Muse.