My Name Is TED

It was inevitable that some day Brendan McEvoy would draw on his family heritage to design contemporary Luxury leather goods. In 2016 he did exactly that and founded My Name is TED, designing and manufacturing the world’s most adaptable range of Luxury Tech Leather Bags & Accessories. The business is Inspired by TED Carbery, Brendan's Grandfather, who made leather goods using his mouth and left hand, since 1942. Each product is built on a pillar of uncompromising Luxury, functionality and adaptability. Over the past 4 years we have searched for the finest materials available anywhere in the world and combined with precise handwork of our world class artisans, My Name is TED products are luxury built to last for generations. Each product has a unique element that adds to the functionality, in the Magic Wallet it is ambidextrous and it secures your cash behind the straps automatically. The stairway wallets unique feature is its ultra slim design and to enable you to easily access your cards the slots have a cut-away forming the shape of the stairs. The innovative product functionality and brand ethos are inspired by the fact that Ted Carbery crossed over from right to left handed and relearned everything he did and made. If you look closely at the brand logo in the centre of the E, there is an arrow pointing from right left, signifying that Ted crossed over from Right to Left handed to make his products. The hand logo represents a left hand and also signifies that all My Name is TED products are handcrafted with love. There's more than one way.

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