Sadekar Jewellery

The Art of Jewelry is the most natural and everlasting way of expressing yourself. Just like a “sadekâr” (jeweler) creating a masterpiece, we should connect with our divine feminine power and let our inner beauty to fully shine. At SADEKÂR, we believe that the most attractive beauty is a glorious reflection of being comfortable in your own skin. That’s why, we design our jewelry for women who want to embrace the beauty of being unique and share it with the world. Every piece of SADEKÂR jewelry is handcrafted with love in Istanbul by the skilled artisans of Grand Bazaar, using centuries-old techniques. Our designs espouse high-quality craftsmanship and elegant simplicity. SADEKÂR jewelry is unique not only for its extraordinary work of art, but also for its austere minimalism, letting women shine their own light. SADEKÂR is the lure of being different.

Available in New York