Sarah Kosta

Sarah Kosta is a fine jewelry designer and goldsmith from Uruguay, South America. After twelve years working in finance and having since a young age a strong passion for natural crystals, she finally decided to fulfill her longtime dream of opening her own fine jewelry namesake brand. Sarah Kosta handcrafts timeless designs with a contemporary edge. Her work is an organic mix of luxe metals and genuine gemstones that combine to create covetable and everlasting jewels to share for generations. Following the highest quality standards and honouring traditional fine jewelry making, all her pieces are entirely handcrafted in her home town, Montevideo, using only high-end metals such as 950 silver and 18K gold. Her collections include classic jewels as well as avant-garde designs with one of a kind precious and semi-precious gems that she sources from different countries around the globe. Every crystal is natural, no synthetics are used. Apart from her regular collections, she specializes in custom made jewelry.

Available in New York and online
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