Savernake Knives

Savernake Knives is a progressive English knifemaker and we create exceptional knives for chefs and cooks. Every one of our kitchen knives is individually made-to-order and hand-finished, using a combination of cutting-edge technology and artisanal skills. We want you to have the knife you’ve always dreamed of. Each blade is hollow-ground, a unique profile that takes weight away from the blade and leaves an unparalleled cutting-edge and follow-through feel. We only use very high-end Sandvik 14c28n stainless steel. We work from an old sawmil on the edge of the Savernake Forest near Marlborough in Wiltshire, and strive to combine the best of modern technology with age-old techniques in our quest to make the very best chef knife possible, with no concessions or compromise. We carry out every step of the kitchen knife making process ourselves (short of smelting the steel) and believe that it’s only through keeping things completely in-house that we can maintain quality and speed and also allows us to customise knives at the individual level without compromising quality.

VAT: 229815877