We want You to wear TANCHEL from when You are walking down the street, making an entrance to a business meeting, to holding a champagne glass, catching the glow of the golden sun by the sea and leaning in for a good night kiss. Designed in Costa del Sol, Spain – each of TANCHEL pieces are handcrafted to make women feel both chic and powerful. World’s best quality leather meets Mediterranean craftsmanship. It’s versatile and functional. It’s contemporary and timeless. It’s stylish and unapologetically sexy. That’s why we do how we do it: we have no physical stores, we fair-traded only the best quality leather from Spain and Italy, time-honored our craftsmen from Andalusian town – and sell them directly to You! Our mission is to put truth back in luxury fashion by giving You beautiful, well-crafted and reasonably priced high-end leather accessories. TANCHEL works exclusively with Factories that have a long history of craftsmanship and integrity. Our manufacturers share the typically Mediterranean tradition of respecting the material and working with their hands. The environment in which our products are made is intimate, hands-on and personal. We buy our skins from leather craftsmen who use old-fashioned methods to stretch, prepare and treat the leather to give it a beautiful texture and supple feel. Our solid brass & zinc alloy metal parts are crafted by a manufacturers in Italy that has a deep knowledge of the material. We take extra care to use only the best materials, and we search high and low to find them at the best rates possible without sacrificing quality or design.