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Gift Guide: Winter Weddings with Kennedy Bingham

by Wolf & Badger

Kennedy Bingham is a bridal specialist, stylist and content creator, focusing on helping women feel their best on the big day. She started her blog, Gown Eyed Girl in 2020 as a way to showcase the diversity and innovation in bridal, that she felt wasn’t being highlighted. She’s since worked with every major global bridal brand, walked in an international fashion show, and been featured in magazines such as Elle Mariage and Refinery29. (Source: Gown Eyed Girl). 

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when buying wedding gifts, you want them to be useful, but special - particularly in the colder months when salad spinners are out of the question. We caught up with Kennedy, and using her years of expertise, she narrows down her favourite picks fit for any winter newlyweds.

Ring holder

A ring holder is the perfect gift for any bride. The one thing anyone knows about a ring is how easy it is to lose it. I wear my ring everywhere, which means I take it off everywhere. When I'm doing dishes, when I go to the gym, when I'm doing my makeup. A chic ring holder like this is perfect for keeping your ring - and the aesthetic of your home - safe.

Throw blanket

I love gifts that are subtly meant to be shared. A throw blanket is the perfect thing for a newly wed couple to cuddle under during their chilly, winter honeymoon! 

ApronTable clothOven glove

When I think of marriage, I also think of family. And when I think of family I think of food. Things to personalize their first holiday meal together always make such a sweet gift!  They also often make for a wonderful familial memory. When I think back to dinners with my family, I think of the apron my grandma used to wear to make Christmas dinner or the tablecloth my aunt always reserved for Thanksgiving. You never know if your gift will become part of their holiday tradition.

Let's Get Closer, Family Edition

With a new partner comes a new family. And what better way to get to know your family than a fun little game! This is a great game with a mix of thought provoking and lighthearted questions. It can help you break the ice with family members you haven't met, or get deeper in a new way with people you've known for years. The perfect game for a cosy, winter get-together.

Christmas Ornament - K Christmas Ornament - G

If your bride/groom friend celebrates Christmas, I think it's hard to go wrong with an ornament. Especially ones as chic as these. They're beautiful, and look like a special gift without being too "wedding-y." 

Fountain pen

As technology becomes a greater part of our lives, we forget the beauty of a really great pen. If you're close enough to the bridal party to be able to give them their gift before the wedding, get them a marriage license pen! Something that they can use for all the special moments in their life starting with their marriage license. Or to sign the check to a downpayment on their future home, or even the birth certificate for their future children! 


This is another great gift if you have some insider, bride knowledge. I love getting gifts for the bride that remind them of their wedding day. If you know the flowers that make up their wedding bouquet you can get a candle that has the same notes. 

Coupe glasses

I think champagne classes are such an underrated bridal gift. They can be used for the marriage toast or any other wonderful moments in their life.