Apriori Slim White Gold Medium Toothbrush

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Style notes

Luminescent White meets classic gold luxury. Sleek and elegant matte White toothbrush by Apriori® finished with rich gold accents. This eye-catching design will lend a splash of hedonistic pleasure to your daily routine. Asymmetric bristle head for perfect cleaning and polishing of the tooth surface. Suitable for atraumatic hygiene and hypersensitivity. 30% less plastic. No detail is too small to make an impact. This elegant toothbrush is a must-have for any bathroom: whatever your personal style, you’ll be assured that there’s a place in it for a SLIM.

Sustainability guarantees

Is the manufacturing process of your collection free from child labour and human trafficking, are all workers paid a living wage, and is the factory compliant with all local environmental regulations?


Founded in 2016 in London Apriori is known for its extraordinary collection of toothbrushes. In 2019 Apriori has taken an everyday item and redesigned it in a clear, elegant and simple way, that’s how the SLIM by Apriori line was born.

The SLIM’s patented design means it contains less plastic than ordinary manual toothbrushes, reducing waste, and giving the SLIM an environmental edge. The ergonomic design gives it a wider bottom and narrower top; from the side, the opposite is true. A matte handle finished with a metallised cap, along with an asymmetric soft or medium bristle head means your toothbrush is where world-class design meets fantastic usability.


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