Acephala’s collection titled “Daddy’s girl” is a continuation of our interest in power suits and their perception. The collection is based on deconstruction of 5 uniforms of power: some more codified - professor’s suit or biker’s clothes - other driven by associations or myths as geeky jerseys or cowboy’s attire, and finally totally metaphorical one: an impressive body sculpture. All of them were redesigned with touch of wit and irony. And these reworked versions become new uniforms of power.

The collection mixes oversize male forms with feminine detailing. Highlights of the collection include male inspired corduroy suits composed of cropped jackets with classic breast pockets and Acephala logo chenille patch on the sleeve and boxy trousers with pleated front. Denim styles are made of classic Japanese denim in dark blue indygo with unraveled edges and folds exposing wrong side of the fabric as decorative elements. Biker clothes inspiration is visible in black tailored styles made of experimental organic cotton fabric covered with cork coating.

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